Land of Fame

“I hopped off the plane at L.A.X
With a dream and my cardigan
Welcome to the land of fame excess (whoa), am I gonna fit in?” – Miley Cyrus
When it comes to sports, L.A. fans might be dissapointed in some areas this year, but hockey isn’t one of them! The Los Angeles Kings really stepped their game up and represented for their city by winning the Stanley Cup championship.
 According to Bleacher Report, “The Kings were sick of watching their fellow local teams have all these championship parades. The wait is over now. The Stanley Cup will spend the summer in Southern California for a long overdue tan. More importantly, this could be the start of a healthy relationship between hockey and Los Angeles. The city is the second-largest media market in America and they love winners. Now that the Kings are winners, the people of Los Angeles—who always have plenty of other options in their city than to sit and watch a hockey game—have a bond that can never be broken with their hockey team.” After winning this championship for the first time in 45 years, Anze Kopitar (forward for the Kings) said “It’s too much fun not to win it again, so let’s go get it.” It will be interesting to see how things play out for the L.A. Kings as well as the L.A. sports fans. The Kings certainly seem to fit in now!
Los Angeles is full of rich history. With the My Explore Hertz NeverLost Mobile Companion, you can explore a variety of historic sites and landmarks all around L.A. For example, the Million Dollar Theater was one of the first movie palaces in America. This performing arts venue was built in 1918 in the Broadway Theater District. The “tours” feature on the My Explore application allows you find some of the best attractions in Los Angeles so that you can have fun and learn new things at the same time! To learn more about this theater, see:
Million Dollar Theater in Los Angeles

Million Dollar Theater in Los Angeles

Summer Fun
Spending a summer in Los Angeles? Then you definitely need to visit Venice Beach! The “neighborhoods” feature on the My Explore application can also come in handy when it comes to relaxing near the beach! Whether you want to dip your toes into the water, get the perfect tan, excercise, or shop, Venice Beach is the perfect place in L.A. for you! The Venice Beach Boardwalk combines all the best things that you can think of…shopping, dining, sports, recreation, and entertainment! To find out more about Venice Beach, see:
The Entrance to Venice Beach

The Entrance to Venice Beach

As you can see, Los Angeles seems like a pretty popular place! There are so many exciting things to do in L.A. and the crowds are great too! Going there will make you feel like a part of something huge! Even if you already live in Los Angeles, you can always explore like never before with the My Explore application!

Do something new and exciting this summer! – Melissa Woodring 🙂


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