Smile On in San Diego

“I’m feeling so good, I can’t explain it.
Mood is so contagious, spreading through the breeze…Happiness is Calling!” – Mophonics

If you’re looking for the top attractions, best beaches, and most exciting places to go while in beautiful San Diego, then the My Explore Hertz NeverLost Mobile Companion is the perfect travel guide for you!

San Diego Charm

From what I have researched, San Diego has been trying to discover the perfect catch phrase to describe sunny Southern California for a while now. While their slogans may change, their essence does not. Some people think that the charm of San Diego can’t be captured in a few words, but it can certainly be experienced in a few days. The “Happy Happens” and “Happiness is Calling” slogan both presented examples of people having a great time in San Diego and I believe that you should go to SoCal and see for yourself whether or not San Diego is the place for you. Personally, I would love to go there one day! Check out the “Happy Happens” video and you’ll see exactly why I want to make that trip. It will make you “smile on” and may even inspire a vacation!

San Diego Swag

San Diego has so many things to offer…one could even say the city even has its own swag. Whether you are at a must-see attraction or taking a self-guided tour off the beaten path, San Diego can offer you a good time. The My Explore mobile travel app can also help you find things to do in local neighborhoods if you want to take a break from the tourist scene. One of the self-guided tours that the My Explore app offers is called “San Diego Famous Foods” and it offers some of the best dining options in Southern California. For example, one of the restaurants that the tour features is called Pizzeria Luigi. According to the restaurant’s website, “After a pivotal visit from the Food Network in fall of 2008, Luigi’s business skyrocketed and pizza enthusiasts traveled from near and far for a slice of his signature pie.” This is just one of the many restaurants that sound amazingly delicious. For a complete list of the restaurants listed in the “San Diego Famous Foods” tour, download the My Explore app for free and start exploring your appetite.

Pizzeria Luigi

Pizzeria Luigi

San Diego Adventure

Southern California can be the perfect place to try new things! I’m sure that there are a lot of things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance, and if you did maybe you didn’t have the guts. There are probably things that you didn’t even know about too.  This summer could be the time to experience it all!  Sometimes an adventure can be the most stress relieving thing of all. I went sky diving one time and it was the best feeling I’ve ever had. San Diego has activities that could give you that feeling too, if you want! For example, take it to the edge with San Diego Extreme Sports. You can make exciting new memories on land, sea, and air…whatever you prefer! Your options are definitely open, so check it out!

Hang gliding at Torrey Pines Gliderport

Hang gliding at Torrey Pines Gliderport

Just writing about San Diego makes me want to go visit! I definitely think that I’m adding it to my list of places to go. Feel free to share your stories and suggestions if you’ve been before. Also, don’t forget that the My Explore app can help you find things to do.

Have a great summer!

Melissa Woodring 🙂


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