Viva Las Vegas

“Vegas is everything that’s right with America. You can do whatever you want, 24 hours a day. They’ve effectively legalized everything there.” – Drew Carey

First of all, who wouldn’t want to go to a place where everything seems to be “effectively legalized?” Going to Sin City is all about having a good time and listening to that little devil on your shoulder who tells you to get out of your comfort zone. According to Bill Burr, a stand up comedian, the little devil is actually the only voice you listen to when you’re in Vegas. “Any other town you go to there’s this little devil and a little angel on your shoulder. A little good advice, a little bad advice. You go to Las Vegas, there’s like a devil and a devil and they’re just battling it out the whole time.” While I don’t condone listening to both devils battle it out on whose advice is better, I do recommend getting out of your comfort zone and having a good time! Go out on the town…gamble, dance, shop, find the best celebrity hot spots…live it up! Like Drew Carey said, “You can do whatever you want.” So, I definitely recommend exploring Las Vegas Nightlife because “if you’re a night owl, party animal or lover of the good life,” then the best dance floors, showrooms, casinos, and drinks are waiting for you!

Vegas Romance

If you’re in Sin City with that special someone, don’t worry, there are plenty of activities for you lovebirds too! Living it up in Vegas doesn’t have to be all about the “single experience.” Sometimes the best thing for a couple is to branch out and try new things together.  Luckily, I have the perfect suggestion for all you perfect couples out there! We’re giving away 2 “Romance at The Venetian” packages! All you have to do for the chance to win, is enter our “Vegas Nightlife” Sweepstakes. Each package includes a Shared Outdoor Gondola Ride, Admission to Madame Tussauds Interactive Wax Attraction, and the “”Pavarotti Special”” voucher – which includes lunch at Zeffirino Ristorante OR dinner at Tintoretto Bakery at the Venetian Hotel. Spending time at The Venetian could be the perfect way for you and your significant other to relax and just enjoy some of that Las Vegas charm that people long for.

The Venetian

The Venetian

Las Vegas Sweepstakes

Enter our “Vegas Nightlife” Sweepstakes to win 2 “Romance at The Venetian” packages!

Vegas Clubs

According to, “Las Vegas nightclubs range from chic to relaxing.”  There are a wide variety of clubs in Vegas, which means everyone can find the one that suits them the most! One of the really popular clubs in Las Vegas is known as the Marquee Night Club. This club is a “60,000 square foot Dave Rockwell venue containing seven different bars and three rooms—the main room, the Boom Box, and The Library—each with a distinct musical experience.” Doesn’t that just sound like somewhere you want to go? I would love to check out a club like that! The Main Room features an awesome sound and visual system that has a 40-foot LED DJ booth and projection stage that goes right along with the 32,000 subwoofers and full range speakers. The Library room  serves special cocktails in this section of the club and it is also home to billiards tables, vintage books, and a fireplace. Finally, the  Boom Box room shows off a fantastic view of The Strip and it also has a separate DJ and sound system. For a sneak peak of the Marquee Night Club, check out this video:


Vegas Events

Reading about Las Vegas tends to get people excited, but not everyone can make the trip immediately. If you don’t live in the area, don’t fret! There are always events going on in Vegas and planning your trip ahead of time might make life easier for you. I realize that summer just ended, but if you’re already in the mood for a fancy vacation in the spring, I have the perfect excuse for you to make that happen. Ever heard someone say “Viva Las Vegas” while they were around you? Well it just so happens that this movie-turned-song-turned-saying has also developed into an event! Viva Las Vegas-Rockabilly Weekender is scheduled for March 28th-31st, 2013 and tickets are already on sale! The event will take place at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada and it is said to be “The BIGGEST Rockabilly Party in the world!” There will be a variety of events going on during the Rockabilly Weekender so you have a lot to look forward to! For example, multiple bands will be performing, there will be a fashion show, a pin up contest, a car show, a chance to go bowling, and much more! Start planning your trip now, that way you can have a much deserved vacation once spring time comes.

Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas-Rockabilly Weekender

Aren’t you ready to go have a good time in Las Vegas? I know I am!! I am determined to visit Sin City sometime really, really soon. There seems to be something for everyone and I would love to experience as much of it as I can when I go there. Don’t be afraid to let loose while you’re there, because “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” anyways…right? For help deciding what will be right for you, check out the My Explore Hertz NeverLost Mobile Companion as well as the nightlife guide.

Have fun thinking of things you want to do in Vegas!

Melissa Woodring 🙂

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