Texas Treats

“Ho-w-w-w-w-d-e-e-e, Folks! Welcome to the State Fair of Texas!” – Big Tex

As October approaches, everyone tends to get excited for nice weather, football, and of course…Halloween! But what really makes the month of October special, is the State Fair of Texas!! When people say that “Everything is bigger in Texas,” they really mean it! Dallas goes all out for the State Fair! The fair can be enjoyed by locals as well as people who travel to Dallas/Fort Worth just to experience the festivities. The whole city gets pumped up around this time of year and there are always a lot of other activities that people can participate in. For example, there are amazing food tours that take place in Uptown Dallas as well as historic tours such as the JFK Assassination Tour that can be found by downloading the My Explore Hertz NeverLost Mobile Companion. The 1st city guide in the My Explore app is free and we’re also giving away four gift certificates for the Uptown Dallas Food Tours.

Explore Dallas

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State Fair Festivities

This year, the State Fair of Texas begins on September 28, 2012 and lasts until October, 21, 2012. I’ve never been…but this is my year to make it happen! Especially, because the fair starts on my boyfriend’s birthday. How perfect is that? We will definitely be going to the State Fair of Texas to enjoy lots of delicious fried food, thrilling rides, and fun attractions. One of the most exciting events that people enjoy at the fair are the concerts. Taking the Chevrolet Main Stage this year will be: Le Freak, Kevin Costner & Modern West, Uncle Kracker, Elle Varner, Rebirth Brass Band, Ruthie Foster, Ramon Ayala, Bridgit Mendler, Kevin Fowler, Kansas, Kellie Pickler, The Commodores, and the Texas Tornados. That is a big and popular music lineup, if you ask me! One of the other big things about the fair, is the fried food. The State Fair of Texas is even sometimes referred to as the “Fried Food Capital of Texas.” This year at the fair, the two top ranked foods are the Deep Fried Jambalaya (Best Taste) and the Fried Bacon Cinnamon Roll (Most Creative). So, you should definitely try these! If you’re still craving something different, you can always search for your own favorite foods at the fair. For a glimpse of the fried food judging, take a look at the Big Tex Choice Awards for Fried Foods:

For more events at the State Fair of Texas, see the Daily Calendar.

Food Tours

One of the other popular activities that I mentioned are the Uptown Dallas Food Tours. When you’re on one of these tours, you’re pretty much eating your way through an “enchanting and historic 125 year old Uptown Dallas.” While on an Uptown Dallas tour, you can enjoy generous food and beverage tastings as well as local and historic attractions that are unique to the area. The tours end in West Village, which is a “walkable, urban living, dining and shopping district in the heart of affluent Uptown Dallas.” The exact tour route and restaurants that are included may change periodically, but the current locations for an Uptown Dallas tour may include: Bread Winners Cafe & Bakery, Primo’s Tex-Mex Grille, Baboush, I Fratelli, Bailey’s Uptown Inn, and The Stand. If you’re still curious about the details of a tour, check out the frequently asked questions.

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History Lesson

If you’re in Dallas and you’re looking for a bit of an educational experience, then the JFK Assassination Tour is just right for you. If you use the My Explore app, then you can experience a self guided tour of the Dallas Municipal Building, Sixth Floor Museum, John F Kennedy Memorial Plaza, Grassy Knoll, Lee Harvey’s Temp Residence, Lee Harvey’s Former Residence, The Texas Theatre, and Lee Harvey Oswald’s Grave. Visiting these places, such as the Sixth Floor Museum, can really give you some insights into the assassination of JFK. While this was certainly a tragedy, it can be good to get familiar with the details of what happened. Bring a little history back into your life by recognizing how important the past can be. The Sixth Floor Museum’s vision statement is “To be an impartial, multi-generational destination and forum for exploring the memory and effects of the events surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy, through sharing his legacy and its impact on an ever-changing global society.” Whether you live locally in the DFW area or you’re just visiting, make sure that you really take the time to explore all that Dallas has to offer.

JFK Assassination Tour

View of the Sixth Floor Museum

The Dallas/Fort Worth area is huge and there is always so much to do! Take advantage of the time you have while you’re in this area to experience as much of DFW as you can! Whether you’re in the mood for carnival rides and music or food and history, Dallas has it all!

Enjoy the treats that Texas has to offer during the Fall season!

Melissa Woodring 🙂

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