‘Tis the Season

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.”  – Norman Vincent Peale

The Christmas holidays are here, and I’m so excited! This is by far, my favorite time of the year! The decorations and the holiday scents are lovely and the kindness that people express during this season is so joyous! The weather tends to work in my favor as well! Although Texas weather (as everyone knows) is a bit random, I do love that it is starting to get cold in some places! Traveling during this time of the year is amazing, as well. Whether you are going home for the holidays or venturing off to a new place, everything is so exciting! Even going to work during this season, can just…well, seem better! For example, today I came out of a meeting and had a wonderful Christmas treat waiting on my desk. All thanks to a co-worker’s holiday spirit!

Holiday Treat

A yummy Christmas treat was given to me today from one of my co-workers!

Christmas Spirit

Everyone likes to celebrate the holidays in their own way. However, people do often enjoy seeing other people’s ideas. Many people tend to share similar interests when it comes to this season. This is the time where people enjoy baking delicious treats, finding DIY crafts to make, sipping on a wonderful Starbucks holiday drink, decorating, and smelling the wonders of Christmas. Pinterest can be an excellent site for learning new things or sharing your awesome creations! The great thing about this site, is that there’s something for everyone! Ready to get in the holiday spirit by browsing the web? Check out some of the great holiday Pinterest boards:

There are so many ideas out there! Don’t be afraid to try something new and make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to share your own creative skills! ‘Tis the Season, after all!

Starbucks and Scented Wax Cubes

Enjoying the scent of a “Candied Caramel Apple” wax cube & sipping on a White Mocha from Starbucks!

Holiday Weather

As I noted earlier, Texas weather is a bit random. It gets hot, it rains out of no where, and then all of a sudden…it’s cold! Well, I personally love the cold weather! Fall season is my favorite and the small amount of winter that we get here (in Dallas), is very enjoyable for me! Plus, I just think that cold weather and holidays go together! So, this morning, I was very excited when I walked outside and there was snow stuck to my car. Okay, well maybe it was just a bit of ice, but it was enough to get my spirits up! According to an article on The Scoop Blog, from dallasnews.com, “You had to get up early this morning to see the snow, but it was hard to miss when it was around; between the high winds and big flakes, it looked like Green Bay in January to those headed into work ’round dark-thirty.” I headed to work around 8:45 a.m and considered myself lucky to see what was left over from the snow. Apparently, the temperature tonight is supposed to drop to 24! However, by the week’s end, it will be back up to the mid-60s. Now, are you ready for a fun fact about this morning? It would have “marked the 11th latest freeze on record in Dallas-Fort Worth. Another week and we’d have made the top 5.” Many people like warmer weather better, but I love the cold weather!  I can’t wait until it snows enough to stick for a while!

Holiday Snow in Dallas

Snow on my car from about 8:45 a.m. on 12/10/2012.

Cheerful Travel

Many people like to think of December as being the time to go “Home for the Holidays.” However, the article, “Best Places to Go for Christmas, states that “for a growing segment of Americans and international travelers, Christmastime has become a popular time to travel.” Get in the travel spirit by checking out some of the most popular places to visit during Christmas, as noted by USA Travel:

  • New York City is gorgeous at Christmas time and has superb shopping! “It’s a great place to find unique gifts as well as find everything on your own wish list.”
  • Chicago offers big city activities like “viewing the millions of lights on the Magnificent Mile and enjoying Chicago’s German heritage at the popular Christkindlmarkt, a German Christmas market filled with holiday crafts, traditional wooden toys, and German food and drink.”
  • Colorado offers “snowy slopes and cozy chalets” which “makes sense for a lot of travelers” who enjoy a ski holiday.
  • Florida has “mild temperatures, even in December, making it ideal for those who want their white Christmases to be made of sand and not snow.”
  • Puerto Rico has its “own set of Christmas traditions, ranging from decorations and storytelling to wonderful, wonderful food.”
  • Alaska provides a “picture-perfect place for spending Christmas” and in fact, “is the North Pole” for some people!

All of these places offer their own, unique, Christmastime experience! When I think about my future holiday seasons, including these locations on a travel list seems like a must! Take a look at the video, “New York ‘What’s On’ Christmas Season*,” in order to get excited about the cheerful travel experiences that you could have!

If you didn’t before, maybe now you can see why things just seem “softer and more beautiful” during the Christmas season. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays, I’m sure I will!

Melissa Woodring 🙂


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