Spring Break in ATX

“I would rather live short and right then long and wrong.” – John Paul Warren

Visiting Austin, Texas during Spring Break has definitely been an exciting experience! There are so many people here for South by Southwest, and it has been so fun! I had the privilege of coming to SXSW for the Interactive Festival and I have been able to learn a lot while also enjoying the wonders of ATX.

The People of SXSW

One of the best things I’ve experienced at South by Southwest, is meeting SO many great people. I’ve definitely come across my fair share of rude people, but for the most part, everyone has been great and shown that old fashioned southern hospitality that we all love to encounter. Also, it is really interesting to meet people who live all around the world, and just came to Austin specifically for SXSW. For example, I met people from Spain, Canada, Israel, and much more! Most of the people that I met were also here for the Interactive Festival, but I met a few that were here for the Film Conference and some who arrived today for the Music and Media Conference.


Met some great people at the Bing Recharge Lounge

The Parties of SXSW

Everyone knows that at South by Southwest, you discover a whole lot of new things, but you tend to do it while having a good time. Between all of the networking that goes on during the conference sessions and the people that you meet out at night, it seems like each day just gets better and better! The reason it gets better, is because knowing the right people always tends to have its’ perks. For example, my friend Nadia was also here at the Interactive Festival working as a promotional model for a new app called Lasso. This app is a request based photo sharing app that allows you to send and receive photos on a one-on-one basis. The application actually seems pretty neat and I think I will use it fairly often. Lasso was created by the same guy who made Photobucket, Alex Welch. Since I am good friends with Nadia, and she met the creator of Lasso, we were able to utilize that relationship to get into some great parties! The best one that we went to, was the SXSW House Party – Presented by Splash. The environment at the party was great, there was a fantastic dj, and the free patron margaritas weren’t too bad either! Also, we totally skipped the line to get in, because Alex knew the host, and pulled us through the crowd with ease. Another neat thing about the party, is that there were these TV screens that looked blank, but when you put 3d glasses on, music videos were playing! How cool is that? We definitely enjoyed the Splash House Party and were grateful to have met Alex!

Nadia and I at the Splash House Party

Nadia and I at the Splash House Party

The Technologies of SXSW

While South by Southwest is definitely a place to have a good time, it’s first and foremost a fantastic environment for business. This was my first big social media conference, and although I felt overwhelmed at times, I know I learned a lot and benefited from going. I got to  attend some really interesting sessions, learn about some great startups, and listen to advice from some prominent people in the social media world. For example, I went to a presentation called UK Demo Day, and I got to learn about some really interesting applications that will be coming out. The ones that stood out the most to me, were:

It a very intriguing experience to just go around and talk to people about the new technologies that they were presenting. I was also able to learn about some new startups, which was very inspiring. There are people there who seem like they are my age (21) and are already putting their ideas into action. There were a couple of mottos there that really stuck with me as well: Innovation Is Great..Entrepreneurs Are Great..Technology Is Great.

SXSW Mottos

Great Mottos from SXSW

Attending South by Southwest has been a life changing experience and I would recommend that anyone interested in technology, music, or film, try to attend at least once! I have had such a great time and I learned so much. Although I’m certainly ready to go back home and relax, I wouldn’t change my trip to SXSW in Austin for anything! Also, using Hertz NeverLost as my navigation system while at the Interactive Festival, made getting around ATX really easy!

Keep Austin Weird!

-Melissa Woodring 🙂


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