Summertime in San Francisco

“San Francisco has only one drawback – ’tis hard to leave.” – Rudyard Kipling

San Francisco seems like a great place to spend the summer! Whether you’re exploring the neighborhoods, checking out the nightlife, or figuring out where to dine, there is something enjoyable for everyone! Plus, there are a lot of events going on this summer! Check out the one that started on the Fourth of July!

America’s Cup


Simply put, The America’s Cup is a trophy awarded to the winner between two sailing yachts.

“The America’s Cup is without a doubt the most difficult trophy in sport to win. In the more than 150 years since that first race off England, only four nations have won what is often called the “oldest trophy in international sport.” For some perspective, consider that there had been nine contests for the America’s Cup before the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896.”

Learn more about the history here:


San Francisco welcomed the 34th America’s Cup “Summer of Racing” as it kicked off on July 4th. This will include three months of competition as the best two teams try to win the oldest trophy in international sport. The racing events can be experienced from multiple locations along the city’s waterfront and there will be other activities going on as well. For example, there will be a series of concerts that feature artists such as:

  • Weezer
  • Steely Dan
  • The Jonas Brothers
  • Fall Out Boy
  • The Lumineers
  • Jason Mraz

The concert series will last until October, 2013. Learn more here:


The 34th America’s Cup is made up of 3 different stages: the America’s Cup World Series, the Louis Vuitton Cup, and the America’s Cup Finals.

  • America’s Cup World Series – There are two seasons of the AC World Series. It is a “professional circuit that brings America’s Cup-level racing and the America’s Cup experience to top international venues. It is an extreme experience – cutting edge wing-sailed catamarans flying at speeds over 30 miles per hour, and a mix of fleet and match racing to test the abilities of the best sailing teams in the world.”
  • The Louis Vuitton Cup – 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the first Louis Vuitton Cup. It is used “as the selection series to determine who will race the Defender in the America’s Cup Finals. Scheduled for July 4 – September 1, 2013 on the San Francisco Bay, the Louis Vuitton Cup will see challengers from around the globe battle each other in a knockout series for the opportunity to compete for the America’s Cup.”
  • The AC Finals – This series hasn’t started yet. “The 34th America’s Cup brings the competition for the oldest trophy in international sport back to the United States for the first time in 18 years. And it does so in style, with exciting new boats, a new format for the racing, and television and web coverage that takes the viewer into the racing as never before.”

Also, for the first time in the history of the America’s Cup, the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup will allow young and talented sailors to gain the experience needed to contribute to a Cup team. This is scheduled for August/September 2013 in San Francisco, during the Summer of Racing season for the 34th America’s Cup.


The Summer of Racing will continue until September 21, 2013. If you’re in the San Francisco area for this event, you can use download code ACSF in your Hertz NeverLost device to help you navigate to various venues.

Check out this video for a preview of what America’s Cup has to offer.

Enjoy this summertime event in San Francisco!

Melissa Woodring 🙂

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