Baltimore is Great

Baltimore is a great place. – Julie Bowen

The city of Baltimore has a lot to offer! According to the My Explore Hertz NeverLost Mobile Companion, “Baltimore’s historic quarters provide an engaging backdrop to many diverse attractions. Baltimore is a city steeped in history and culture, and with a thriving Arts District and prime theatres and world-class museums, Baltimore is for the history buff.” Baltimore is new on the My Explore application and you can access this city guide straight from your phone to find must-see attractions, tours, events, and more! See for yourself why this city is so great!

Historic Attractions

As pointed out, Baltimore is a city that history buffs tend to love! The article, “Historical Sights and Attractions in Baltimore,” states that “There’s so much to discover for history enthusiasts in Baltimore – like the last all-sail warship still afloat in the United States; a museum devoted to the Civil War; historical maritime vessels and ships; architectural masterpieces; religious shrines; and much, much more.” Take some time to learn about Historic Ships in Baltimore.

Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse

Lighthouses used to be commonly known for marking dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoals, reefs, safe entries to harbors, and could also assist in aerial navigation. For most of the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse‘s history, it “was manned by keepers of the US Lighthouse Service, and later the US Coast Guard. As an isolated station, Seven Foot Knoll was designed for three keepers – a principal and two assistants – which allowed for regular rotations ashore.” Mostly, keepers lived a life of isolation while they carried out their duties. However, it is known that a couple of families lived there as well, although sometimes that caused staffing difficulties.

“The duties of keepers were often routine but were nonetheless essential. Each night at sundown the beacon lamp was lit and had to remain so until sunrise the following morning – a task which required vigilance and regular maintenance. Each morning, the beacon lens and lamp were thoroughly cleaned and made ready for use that evening. In times of fog, the fog bell had to be sounded continuously which required winding the station’s bell machine every 45 minutes until the fog lifted.”

Theses days, the tasks that lighthouses were once needed for, are mainly replaced by modern electronic navigational systems. However, it is still recognized by people how important lighthouses and their keepers were. The Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places  (America’s official list of cultural resources worthy of preservation) and it is also a contributing element in the Baltimore National Heritage Area (which recognizes unique historic and cultural character, and is intended to stimulate economic development, tourism and historic preservation).

USS Constellation

Ships named CONSTELLATION have navigated the world’s ocean and defended America’s interest for over 200 years. Learn about some of the ships:

  • In 1797 the first ship of the U.S. Navy, the U.S.F. “frigate” Constellation was commissioned, she was named for the flag of the Continental Congress. Because of her swift sailing speed and handling ability, Constellation became known as the “Yankee Racehorse.”
  • Commissioned in 1854, the Sloop of War Constellation carried on the famous name.
  • Then commissioned in 1961, the aircraft carrier Constellation, that later became known as “America’s Flagship,” continued the tradition of always being first to answer her nation’s call.

“Thousands of Sailors serving America and the U.S. Navy aboard ship’s named Constellation have written a proud, illustrious and stellar history as they protected and defended freedom for both America and other nations around the world.”

Learn more about these memorable ships by visiting:

Watch this video for more features on the Historic Ships Collection:

Inner Harbor Activities

Along with festivities that are geared towards history buffs, there are plenty of other things to do in Baltimore for people who are just looking for a good time! “Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is one of the most photographed and visited areas of the city. It has been one of the major seaports in the United States since the 1700s and started blossoming into the cultural center of Baltimore in the 1970s.” The Inner Harbor is surrounded by restaurants, shops, and hotels. If you’re planning to visit the Inner Harbor, you can even check out these special Baltimore Packages, which provide great money-saving offers! Some of the activities you can participate in while visiting the centerpiece of downtown Baltimore, are:

and so much more!

To customize your visit to Baltimore, check out the My Explore Hertz NeverLost Mobile Companion, which is an app that makes it easy for you to access must-see attractions, tours, events, and more, all from your smart phone! Also, you can use download code “BALT” in your Hertz NeverLost device, to help guide you to each of your chosen destinations! Watch this video to see some beautiful pictures taken at the Inner Harbor:

Baltimore seems like a pretty great place to visit! Take some time to enjoy the history that the city has to offer and explore the scenery when you get a chance! Also, don’t forget to enter our Tug of War contest to celebrate the launch of Baltimore on our My Explore app! You could win a cool prize!

Enter here 🙂 Have a great day!

-Melissa Woodring

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