Labor Day 2013

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. – Confucious”

For many people, Labor Day Weekend is the end of a fantastic summer. Whether you choose to spend it by taking one last walk down the beach or going to a barbecue with friends and family, it’s no shock to anyone that you want to have a good time. However, don’t forget to stop and think about why you’re actually celebrating this weekend, or while you’re able to celebrate for that matter. As an article on The Huffington Post pointed out, Sophocles said, “Without labor, nothing prospers.” At the same time though, make sure you appreciate your day without labor! Check out some Inspirational Sayings For Your Long Weekend as you prepare your Labor Day festivities!

A great place to spend Labor Day Weekend is in Napa-Sonoma. Also, we just launched this location on our My Explore Hertz NeverLost Mobile Companion app so now you can even guide your way around from the palm of your hand!

While Napa is often pricey and crowded, it’s for good reason. “Napa Valley is the best wine region in the New World. Each year about 4 million visitors ply the vineyard-dense valley to sip our Cabernet, dine at our Michelin-starred restaurants, and rest their light heads in our luxury hotels. People don’t just come for the wine, they come for the experience. They come for wine country, which is Nappy Valley.

Sonoma, on the other hand, offers more of an affordable and laid back environment.  In Sonoma Valley, “you can access countryside, towns, and tasting rooms—sans appointment—to try some of the most distinctive and innovative wines available.” At heart, this place is “open to visitors—casual and wine snob alike.”

See the article, Napa vs. Sonoma Face-Off,  for more information about this rivalry!

Sonoma or Napa? Two rivals slug it out over which wine country has the juice

Sonoma or Napa? Two rivals slug it out over which wine country has the juice

Check out why either of these locations would be so great for a last summer getaway!

Napa Valley

According to, “Napa Valley is one of the premier travel destinations in the world. Breathtaking views abound at every turn – mustard in the late winter, picturesque rolling hills planted with vineyards year-round and wineries of every stature dot the landscape.” This beautiful wine country has so much to offer! Take a look at some of the activities that are offered in Napa Valley:

Find more activities in Napa Valley, here.

Learn more about Napa Valley Wine Country Lifestyle by watching this video!

Sonoma Valley

According to, Sonoma is “a magical state of mind, a historic legacy, a leader in sustainable tourism, a home to America’s first CittaSlow or “slow” city, a mecca for the senses and a pastoral slice of paradise. Located in California’s “happiest” county—Sonoma Valley’s scenic 17-mile span offers endless discovery for new and repeat visitors.” Also, it’s just 45 mile south of San Francisco! See some of the endless ways that you can experience the surroundings of Sonoma:

Find more things to do in Sonoma Valley, here.

Learn more about Sonoma’s history by watching this video!

Both Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley seem like amazing places to visit! Wouldn’t Labor Day Weekend be a perfect time to experience either one of these gorgeous wine countries?

Enjoy your long weekend! Try not to work too hard and make sure you have some fun 🙂

Oh and be sure to enter the contest we’re having in order to celebrate the launch of Napa-Sonoma on our My Explore app. Click the picture below to enter.

Click here for your chance to win!

Click here for your chance to win!

Good luck and Happy Labor Day!

Melissa Woodring


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