Miami Broward Carnival

“I want to give people a taste of the Caribbean, and show them the fun side of me.” – Rihanna

In Florida, there is a carnival that strives to do these things as well! “The Miami-Broward One Carnival Host Committe is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing a safe, family festival in South Florida and outlying areas, fostering community pride and civic involvement, and providing critical opportunities to the Caribbean people in South Florida to share the Caribbean culture, promote cultural exchange, and build economic cooperation in the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environment of South Florida.” The Miami Broward Carnival is held every year on the Sunday before Columbus Day, which is the second Monday in October. Learn more about this carnival, which will be held this year on Sunday, October 13th at Central Broward Regional Park. Learn more about this carnival!


This year’s Miami Broward Carnival will feature a variety of festivities. Check out some of the carnival related events that will be taking place this weekend!

There will be a ton of 2013 Miami Broward Carnival festivities!

There will be a ton of 2013 Miami Broward Carnival festivities! Click here for an overview of these events.

Learn more about these events by visiting: Miami Broward One Carnival Guide to the Masquerade Bands, Costumes, and Parades.

Buy your tickets now.

Attendance Tips

Both participating and watching Caribbean carnival festivities, are very exciting and popular.

eHow has put together a number of tips on how to successfully attend a Caribbean Carnival. While their tips are based on number of events that take place in many of the Caribbean islands annually, they can be useful for the Miami Broward Carnival as well. Here are some tips that you can use while attending the Miami Broward Carnival:

  1. “This is your opportunity to really see the culture of the Caribbean and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of its vast history.”
  2. “No special clothing or equipment is needed to enjoy Carnival.”
  3. “Upon arrival at your destination, hit the streets and enjoy yourself. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the colorful costumes and people you will encounter.”
  4. “Know that the rhythmic music is the very heart and soul of Carnival, so be sure to attend one of the final music competitions. Typically you will find steel pan drum music called Panorama, as well as Soca, Zouk, Kaiso and Calypso.”
  5. “End the festivities with a bang.” Try to find a “large crowd, music and display of fireworks to celebrate the ending of the festivities.”
Click here to find out the full details on How to Attend a Caribbean Carnival

To find out the more details on How to Attend a Caribbean Carnival, click here.

Costume Ideas

The article “How to Attend a Caribbean Carnival” also points out that you don’t need a costume in order to enjoy yourself. However, “Carnival is a time of wild abandonment, where people feel free to express themselves in many different ways.” So, if you wish to wear a costume, eHow has a few tips for that too. For specific costume ideas, focus on these tips:

  • Male Pirate – “Pirates are known for calling the Caribbean waters home.”
  • Female Pirate – “Go as a couple or solo with a female pirate costume.”
  • Mermaid – “Transform into a Caribbean mermaid.”
  • Rasta Man – “Rastafarians have been around since 1930 and promote a different way of life and religion.”

To find out more information on these specific costume ideas, see: Caribbean Costume Ideas.

For more of a general idea on costumes, you can focus on these tips:

  • Women’s Attire – “Dress the part of a Caribbean woman by buying a sarong or making your own…Women in the Caribbean love complementing their looks by adding tropical flowers in their hair.”
  • Men’s Attire – “Bermuda shorts made their first appearance in the Caribbean…Complete the look by wearing a fun Hawaiian shirt or short-sleeved linen shirt.”
  • Children’s Clothes – “Kids enjoy getting dressed up in comfortable clothes that remind them of the beach. Make an easy grass skirt for girls…Make an Hawaiian-print tank top for boys.”

To find out more information on these general costume ideas, see: What to Wear to a Caribbean Theme Party.

You can always buy a costume too! Check out these other Miami Carnival Costume Ideas here.

You can always buy a costume too! Check out these other Miami Carnival Costume Ideas here.

If you can attend the Miami Broward Carnival, I think it would be a great chance to see the fun side of the Caribbean culture and broaden your horizons if it’s something new for you! Be sure to use download code MBOC in your Hertz NeverLost device to guide you to the events and check out the guide for Miami in the My Explore Hertz NeverLost Mobile Companion as well.

Have fun!

-Melissa Woodring


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