Winter Travel Ideas

“What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness”. – Unknown

Christmas and New Years are right around the corner and many people are preparing to reunite with friends and family! This is a very popular time of the year to travel, whether it be to go back home or take a vacation with your whole crew! See what people are up to this winter and get some travel ideas!

Hot Destinations vs. Cold Destinations

There are two types of people that like to participate in winter travel, the ones who like to embrace the cold climates and the ones who like to avoid it. In the article, “Where to Go in the Winter,” Melanie Renzulli breaks down the top U.S. winter destinations into two sections. She states that flights and hotel rates are typically lower (with a few exceptions) and that there are a number of holidays and long weekends to take advantage of. Find out which type of traveler you are.

Cold Destinations and Skiing

According to the article, “Some of the best ski resorts in the world are located in the United States.” In the West, the Rocky Mountains, Cascades, and Sierra Nevada ranges dominate the landscape from Colorado to California. In the East, you can find great ski resorts in Maine, New York, and south along the Appalachians. Southeast in the Smoky Mountains have ski and snowboarding resorts as well. Finally, skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts can find some of the most opportunities in the Midwest region, near Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Not convinced that cold destinations are for you? Check out some of the Best Ski Resorts in North America and see if you change your mind!

Warm Destinations

Melanie Renzulli also described a few destinations for those of you who prefer warmer temperatures. If you plan on escaping from the cold chills of the winter, the U.S. has a few options, which include “Florida, southern California, and a few islands in the Caribbean.”

  • While North and Central Florida can have chillier weather from December to February, southern Florida (including Orlando and Miami) are typically prone to warmer temperatures, in the low to mid 70s! This makes Florida a “winter hotspot” which can cause trips to be more expensive, but keep an eye out for great deals!
  • California can actually be a good state for people who enjoy both warm and cold weather. The best places to visit in The Golden State during the winter, are Death Valley and Palm Springs, which both cool off enough to enjoy the holidays there. However, you can spend your time in other places such as Newport Beach if you want to experience some colder winter activities.
  • “Winter is the high season in the Caribbean.” Hurricane season has passed and the weather is nice and warm! “U.S. Caribbean islands are excellent vacation escapes for American travelers as no passport or visa is required.” It’s a great destination if you’re craving a little sand between your toes!

Check out last year’s 104th Newport Beach Christmas Parade! The 105th parade is coming up too, so keep an eye out!

For more information on Where to Travel in the United States during the winter, visit “Plan Your Trip,” on

Also, if you want some other ideas of where to travel, check out the Active Explore Cities from Hertz NeverLost, as seen in the picture below.

Active Explore Cities

Happy Holidays!

Melissa Woodring 🙂

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