Build My Trip

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” 

Traveling is good for you in many ways. You get to experience the world, meet new people, and do things you might have never done! Many people love to travel, whether it’s to extend a business trip or take a vacation! However, taking the time to plan out a trip can often be seen as a setback to travelers. Not everyone sees planning as such a downer, but for the people who do, you should let Hertz NeverLost do the work for you!

We Want To Help

If you find yourself creating lists of all the places you want to go, but you have no idea the best route to take or how to fit them in on the right schedule, then let the Hertz NeverLost concierge team build your trip for you. We have recently built trips for people to the following cities:

  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • San Antonio
  • San Francisco
  • Venice Beach
  • Kansas City
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Scottsdale
  • Phoenix
  • Orlando
  • Bayamon
  • Fresno
  • Hollywood

and many more locations! We would be happy to build your next business or leisure trip. There are three ways to contact us if you want a trip built for you. The first two ways are by emailing us and the third way is via Pinterest. See details below:

  1. Build My Trip by Email – Send your list of addresses or destinations by email to
  2. Build My Trip by Email – Send a link to your Pinterest board  that contains images of your destinations along with addresses by email to
  3. Build My Trip by Pinterest – Contact us directly through Pinterest  to ask us to build your trip.

While the first two steps are fairly simple, here is a picture to describe the third step:

Visit for full details on how to get your next trip built for you!

Why You Should Travel

Traveling appeals to many people for a variety of reasons. However, according to an article by Scott Percelay, traveling can actually teach you to be a better person. Here is a quick summary of the 10 reasons how:

  1. You learn to be alone
  2. You learn from the kindness of strangers
  3. You realize that plans change and learn to adapt
  4. You figure out how to enjoy the moment
  5. You are forced to step out of your comfort zone
  6. You learn patience
  7. You learn to ask questions and think outside the box
  8. You learn to appreciate your loved ones
  9. You learn about new cultures and realize that connections you make are important

To see a full description of these details, read the article “10 Reasons Why Traveling Makes You A Better Person.”

Still not convinced that traveling is for you? Well, I shared a pretty great video yesterday on my Storify story, “Trip Planning Made Easy,” and I think it’s worth sharing again, so check out Facts That Will Make You Want To Travel:

Where to Go

Since it’s Ski Season, you should consider visiting Colorado! With the Hertz NeverLost download code, “CSKI” you can access events and locations easily from your Hertz vehicle. The Hertz NeverLost My Explore Mobile Companion app for iPhone & Android also has tours, must-see attractions, special events, and weather updates that are geared specifically towards Denver. Additionally, Hertz has a Ski Savings promo that lasts until April 30th, 2014. Click here for details:

hertz ski savings
If you plan on taking a trip to these locations, then watch this Ski Town Video to learn a combination of ways that you can visit Ski Towns by using a Hertz NeverLost device.

Hope everyone has a good season of traveling to new places!

-Melissa Woodring 🙂


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