More Than Music

“The earth has music for those who listen.” – William Shakespeare

Attending a music festival is a whole experience of fun and adventure! You definitely go for the great music, but there’s so much more to it than that! Traveling to a new place, meeting different people, and seeing what goes into creating such a unique environment is all very exhilarating! There are a ton of great music festivals coming up and people all over are sharing in the excitement! Check out some tips for attending and find out about some of the best ones!

To get you in the music mood, check out these 40 Great Music Quotes.

Festival Tips

Will you be attending an outdoor open venue concert for the first time this summer? If so, you are definitely in for a good time, however, there is a possibility you could become overwhelmed. In order to overcome this, take these tips into consideration before arrival:

  • You won’t see every band. Don’t try to – Concentrate on the acts you like the most and arrive early
  • Know you might lose your friends – Wear something that stands out and discuss various landmarks as possible meeting points
  • Watch your phone battery – Close all the apps in your background that you aren’t using and invest in a portable charger
  • Take care of yourself –  Stay fed & hydrated and wear sunscreen
  • Be respectful to your fellow festival-goers – Keep in mind that you all paid for the same experience so respect personal space
  • Make friends –  Don’t be afraid to talk to people while you’re standing in line

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Whether you’re a first time festival goer or you need a refresher on what to expect, more information on these festival tips can be found in the article, “How To: A Guide To Music Festivals.” You can also check out, “How to Prepare for a Music Festival!”

Festival Picks

There are a ton of great music festivals coming up in 2014! While it’s very doubtful that you will have the time or money to attend them all (congrats if you can), you don’t have to limit yourself to just one. Research the music, location, and ticket prices…then figure out which festivals suit you the most!

There have been a lot of articles lately that feature the “best” festivals. However, you’re of course free to have your own opinion on what is considered the “best.” With that said, past experiences and festival success combined with lineup announcements, can make for an interesting prediction on how much fun you will have! Check out these articles for lists and reasons why these festivals should be considered as the ones you want to attend:

If you look closely, many of the same festivals are mentioned in multiple articles, so that should tell you a little something on why they’re considered the best 🙂

What’s better, is that you can use the Hertz NeverLost services to help you navigate and explore many of these music festivals! There are special event download codes for particular festivals and using these codes will help you have fun more easily! See the chart below for a list of codes!

Type the codes on your left into a Hertz NeverLost device when you rent a Hertz vehicle.

Type the codes on your left into a Hertz NeverLost device when you rent a Hertz vehicle.

Already thrilled to plan your festival trip! Perfect! Vote for the festival you like more out of Austin City Limits Music Festival and Lollapalooza for a chance to win a $25 Visa gift card! If you win, the prize can be used to make your festival bucket list turn into a reality!

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Click here to vote!

Enjoy the adventure!

Melissa Woodring 🙂



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