Summer Thrills

“Every summer has a story.” – Anonymous 

The official start of summer is right around the corner! Actually, it’s this Friday, June 21st, to be exact! With the coming of summer season, many people will be heading out to visit various theme parks! In preparation for this occasion, many theme parks like to make changes and new additions so that they can entice customers to visit! Check out some of the new summer thrills this season!

I already got my first thrill! Don’t let the summer pass you by without a little adventure 🙂

My coworker and I had a blast in the second to last seat on the Texas Giant at Six Flags!

 Texas Sized Fun

Texas Giant

Roller coasters are great and all, but everyone knows that “Everything is bigger in Texas!” That includes the adrenaline rush that you get from visiting Six Flags Over Texas and riding the New Texas Giant! To celebrate its 20th birthday, this world class coaster was remodeled and converted into a hybrid coaster that combines both classic wooden architecture and the latest in high-tech steel engineering. Starting with a 153-foot high lift and a very steep drop off, you’ll soar through the tracks in a “Cadillac-style train, complete with horns on the hood” at 65 miles per hour. Talk about excitement!

My coworker, Elizabeth, and I had the pleasure of beginning our summer with a ride on this roller coaster!

The ride was every bit exhilarating as you would expect it to be! We had a blast!

Kids Area

The amount of fun you can have in Texas isn’t limited to adults! Kids love theme parks too and as we walked around Six Flags, I was reminded of my youthful days, visiting Six Flags Astroworld (where I had season passes every summer)! After we rode a couple of rides, I noticed a pattern: Parents kept asking their kids “How did you like that one?” or “Was that too scary?” and each answer, from girls and boys, lived up to the notion that kids crave excitement! Each child was thrilled to have just gotten the chance to ride a roller coaster (remember, it’s a big deal to be tall enough for certain rides) and they were full of energy and ready for the next activity!

Now, if you have a child that isn’t quite tall enough for certain rides, don’t fret! Six Flags Over Texas has an area called, Bugs Bunny Boomtown, which is complete with rides, attractions, and rest areas.

Bugs Bunny Boomtown

Click to learn more about this kids area expansion!


“The kid-friendly section is the perfect place for thrill-seekers-in-training with tons of new features including an interactive play area and brand new kids’ rides.” A few examples include:

  • Looney Tunes Adventure Camp – “An interactive play structure where kids can climb, slide and discover fun surprises.”
  • Marvin the Martian Space Rockets  – Offers the “perfect flight for future air-travelers as they climb aboard custom-designed rocket ships that let them control their own flight patterns.”
  • Daffy Duck Bucket Blasters – “Gets everyone engaged in a fun water battle as riders spin round and round in water barrels, splashing anyone within reach.”

As we passed through Bugs Bunny Boomtown, we could tell everyone was having a blast!

*I’d also like to point out that the little kids were WAY too excited to spray us with the Daffy Duck Bucket Blasters as we walked by them!

Watch this video to see the potential fun you or your kids could have!

To learn more about how Six Flags Over Texas is changing up their theme park to make it more fun, see: What’s New at Six Flags Over Texas.

Standing Tall

Even outside of Texas, theme parks and amusement parks are starting to step up their game as far as new rides and attractions are considered. According to USA TODAY, there are a lot of  “coasters and other crazy contraptions that will reach absurd heights and make even the most steely-nerved daredevils quiver with fear.”

Check out the article, “10 most anticipated new theme park rides in 2014,” to view a slideshow and learn more!

*Hint – You can find the article posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages too!

Now, seeing as you’re probably ready to plan trip to the nearest theme park in your area, it’s time to consider using Hertz NeverLost to either build your trip for you, or at least guide you there! Also, don’t forget to enter our “Summer Thrills” Sign Up contest to win a prize!

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Elizabeth is the new Social Media and Public Relations Intern and she and I had such a good time checking out the new Summer Thrills at Six Flags!

We hope you get the chance to experience your own summer story that is full of adventure!

Melissa Woodring 🙂

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