Route 66 – the Ultimate Road Trip

If you ever plan to motor west
Travel my way, the highway that’s the best.
Get your kicks on Route 66! 

Bobby Troup 

The Kiwis partner with Hertz and NeverLost

This week, our team has been working closely with Kiwis on Tour, a New Zealand tour company that guides visitors on road trips around the USA. The most popular road trip of this leading establishment, led by Noddy Watts, is Route 66. 


Kiwis on Route 66

Hertz and Navigation Solutions have had the opportunity to be involved in their current August/September Route 66 trip. More than 25 New Zealand natives are participating and are very excited for this adventure. They received convertible Mustangs from Hertz on Tuesday to be theirs for the next few weeks as they caravan down Route 66 from L.A. to Chicago and back.


photo: Kiwis on Tour


photo: Kiwis on Tour

  photo 1

Linda Senigaglia, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Navigation Solutions, met up with the group in Los Angeles.  The group was very welcoming and immediately loved her as she passed out flashlights and water bottles to each individual. Linda also handed out iPhones to be used for the duration of the trip so that they could sync up the free Hertz NeverLost Companion app with the NeverLost device in their cars. She explained how the Kiwis could easily find their current city on the app and discover the multitude of attractions listed that they might want to visit. From there, they could send it to their car’s NeverLost GPS for directions.


Linda Senigaglia shows the Kiwis how to use NeverLost. (photo: Kiwis on Tour)

While Companion gives you guides to major cities, called Explore cities, it also covers smaller cities such as Wendover, Nevada. This will be helpful to the Kiwis, as Route 66 passes through many lesser-known towns.


Each city has lists of any kind of destination you might look for!

Historic Route 66, also known as “The Mother Road,” opened in 1926. Although it is no longer used as a highway, the road was instrumental in connecting small towns and leading a path for farmers leaving the Dust Bowl to find a new home in California.


The Kiwis’ route, from LA to Chicago, and back

Want to plan your own trip and see what all the hype is about? You can download Companion to help you get started, free on your iPhone or Android.

Some of the most popular Route 66 attractions are:

If you’re getting wanderlust just by the mention of Route 66, check out our Pinterest board, Route 66 Adventures.

Or, if you’ve ever driven down Route 66 yourself, enter your favorite photo from the trip to our photo contest here:

 Route 66

For example, here’s a photo of me at the Meteor Crater in Arizona. It’s a popular stop along Route 66.

meteor crater

The massive meteor hit Earth about 50,000 years ago.

Best of luck to the Kiwis on Route 66! They are broadcasting their activities through the hashtag #kiwis66. We know they will have a blast!


Elizabeth Fox



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