Charming Companion Neighborhoods

“Companion is the official mobile app for the Hertz NeverLost system. The Companion user can view thousands of destinations organized into city guides. Each city guide is downloadable for free, with destinations organized in categories such as explore, must-see, events, tours, neighborhoods, trendy restaurants, parks, etc.”

Many people like to stick to the main tourist attractions in the city, but some people like to find the local neighborhood fun! While this isn’t always easy to do, the “Neighborhoods” feature in the Companion app, makes it much more simple!

Download the Hertz NeverLost Companion mobile application for free on iPhone and Android.

Check out a few of these charming neighborhoods found in the Companion application!

Wicker Park, Chicago

“Wicker Park is a place near downtown that is known for its restaurants and bar scene.” This area is full of music, fashion, and nightlife, which makes it a great place for a group of friends to visit!

Noted as one of “America’s Best Hipster Neighborhoods,” Forbes said that “The Midwest Mecca of hipsterdom started attracting artists and young adults in the late 1980s. Nestled around a park, this artists’ community is known for its galleries, music venues, boutiques and food options. It’s also home to a smattering of Victorian mansions built by wealthy 19th century merchants and beer brewers.”

Chicago Neighborhood


Watch the video below to get a peak of this cool neighborhood!

Castro, San Francisco

“First settled as Eureka Valley, the Castro District took on the name of its busiest street as people moved out of the city into the suburbs in the mid 20th century.”

According to SFGate, “The Castro is bustling all day long, but at night it really comes alive, as the bars from the Mint to the Midnight Sun fill up and the Castro Theatre’s neon marquee lights up the main drag.”

San Francisco Neighborhood

To learn more about the history, best time to visit, and special events that take place in this unique neighborhood,  see: San Francisco: The Castro. Watch the video below to see some of the great spots in this neighborhood!

Logan Circle, Washington D.C.

“The famous Logan Circle is a historic neighborhood and traffic circle in the northwest section of Washington D.C., which separates the Dupont Circle and Shaw districts.”

According to, “Logan Circle is the city’s only remaining all-residential circle. Late 19th-century Victorian rowhouses (many of them now converted condos) are the centerpiece of the neighborhood with a cadre of interior design shops, unique boutiques and hipster haven restaurants radiating outward. A tight-knit group of residents take pride in their neighborhood—and it’s not uncommon to see locals relishing in their beloved circle on weekends, walking their dogs, picnicking or even playing bocce ball.”

Washington DC Neighborhood

Read more about this historic neighborhood by checking out a “Guide to Logan Circle.”

The video below describes great things about this neighborhood and why you would want to live there! However, if you’re just passing through DC, you’ll quickly see why Logan Circle is a great place to visit if you want a true local vibe!

Now, share your favorite neighborhood hangout with us to win a prize! Click below for more details.


Have fun exploring new neighborhoods with the Companion app!

Melissa Woodring 🙂

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