New NeverLost and More

“Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.” – Thomas Edison

Most creative and innovative people have realized the above statement to be true! It’s really amazing sometimes to see what people can do with an idea or creation that may have once had a different purpose.

Due to the fact that I attended the AT&T Hackathon – Code for Car and Home, as well as Super Mobility Week, powered by CTIA, I have recently had the chance to meet so many intelligent people and see so much new technology! Whether people succeed in their original plans, or create something that is worth using for a different purpose than originally planned, there are so many opportunities for innovation, and this week in Las Vegas, was the chance to see it all!

Learn more about our participation in these events!

AT&T Hackathon 

“AT&T brings together the best companies, tools, and services for developers to innovate in the connected car and automated home marketplace.”

The AT&T Hackathon was held on September 5th and 6th at The Cosmopolitan hotel and Hertz NeverLost had the chance to participate as a sponsor. The event had a great turnout!

Connecting with different teams of developers to see how their ideas can help inspire our technology, is a great chance to open two-way communication that allows creative freedom on their part and shines a new perspective on our end.

In addition to seeing great teams work with other companies and tools, we had the chance to choose our own category winners.

The Accelerator Category Winner that we chose the best use of the NeverLost OTP API was team “Pickup & Go.”

The Accelerator Category Winner that we chose for the best use of the Eileo API was team “Hertz Fast Lane.”

Learn more about the Partner Technologies that were available!

Pictured below, you will see myself and my coworker, Linda, at the AT&T Hackathon. Additionally, you can see where the hackathon was held, our Hertz booth, and Linda posing with the category winners.


AT&T Hackathon Participation
Super Mobility

Immediately after the AT&T Hackathon ended, Super Mobility Week began! We had the opportunity to secure a booth at the Connected Car Expo, which has provided great exposure and opportunity for consumer feedback.

“Featuring the latest connected car technologies and mobility solutions from Hertz Neverlost, Lixar, OnStar and Speaktoit, the CCE pavilion will become a stage for Ford Motor Company’s inaugural app developer conference, followed by its overnight hackathon and app pursuit challenge.”

LA Auto Show President, Lisa Kaz, said that “The Connected Car Expo at Super Mobility Week is going to be where the great minds of automotive technology and mobility meet.”

Featured at booth #6536, Linda and I were able to present a variety of new Hertz and Hertz NeverLost technologies. For example, our New NeverLost, which was recently released, has new features, including Bluetooth connectivity which will allow you to make and receive phone calls and be hands-free from your rental car! This feature will also make it easier for you to contact Hertz if you need any assistance. Additionally,  we demoed the new Hertz 24/7 pin-pad technology that will speed up the reservation processes of getting a vehicle! Just type in your reservation number in order to activate key-less entry into your rental car. Finally, we showed people how beneficial the Hertz NeverLost Companion mobile application can be when you’re in need of a travel guide and we demonstrated how it can work simultaneously with the NeverLost by providing download codes that you can activate for the in-car device.

We received a lot of good feedback from media, consumers, and other attending exhibitors. Learn more about the area our booth was located in by reading, “CCE Showcases New Auto Industry’s Pioneers at CTIA’s Super Mobility Week, Sept. 9-11.”


See more Super Mobility Week coverage here, by Android Central.

You can also sign up to win a prize and learn more about our new Hertz NeverLost product! Just click below for details!

Click here to sign up and win!

Click here to sign up and win!


We hope you enjoyed all of the great technology that was presented this past week in Las Vegas! Tomorrow is the last day of Super Mobility, so come by our booth if you haven’t already 🙂

Melissa Woodring


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