Cruisin’ Route 66 Reunion

“Known by several names throughout the years including the “Mother Road,” “Main Street of America,” and the “Will Rogers Highway,” Route 66 has served travelers for some 50 years…” – Legends of America

Some of those travelers happen to include the Kiwis on Tour, a New Zealand tour company that guides visitors on road trips around the USA. As mentioned in our previous blog post, “Route 66 – the Ultimate Road Trip,” written by my coworker, Elizabeth, Hertz and Navigation Solutions had the chance to work very closely with the group as they embarked on their August/September Route 66 trip.

Kiwis on Tour

To learn how you can participate in their next tour, click here!

Route 66 Car Show

The group’s road trip recently came to a conclusion when they attended the Cruisin’ Route 66 Reunion, Ontario California’s Classic Car Show, and got to show off their Hertz convertible Mustangs!

The Kiwis on Tour went on a Route 66 adventure in these vehicles!

Linda Senigaglia, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Navigation Solutions, (who met with the group before they left for their journey), was also in attendance the day of the car show.

When Linda first met with the Kiwis on Tour before they departed in Los Angeles, she passed out giveaways, provided iPhones to the group so they could sync up the free Hertz NeverLost Companion app with the NeverLost device, and explained how they could use the technology in order to find their current city, discover attractions, and receive directions more easily.

Upon reconnecting with the Kiwis at the Cruisin’ Route 66 Reunion, Linda was able to get some great feedback about their trip, learn more about the travelers, and even make some new friends!

According to information that Linda got from Noddy Watts (the Tour Leader), the cost of the tour is $9200 per person. This price includes the rental cars, airfare, and hotel stay for 27 nights. Additionally, each person on tour also incurred costs for gas, food, and entertainment.

Noddy's personal ambition is to "ensure that every person on the tour is happy and has the trip of a life time."

Noddy’s personal ambition is to “ensure that every person on the tour is happy and has the trip of a life time.”

The Kiwis drove close to 6000 miles in each Hertz rental car!

Furthermore, 7 couples actually bought an American hot rod/sports car during their trip and had the vehicles shipped back to New Zealand!

Technology Testimonies

As mentioned earlier, the Kiwis on Tour were provided with the opportunities to use the Hertz NeverLost Companion mobile application and the Hertz NeverLost device. These are some testimonies from the trip:

  • Juedie – “This fabulous trip would not have been possible without your help. NL is really easy to use!
  • Simon – “We would never have gotten around, The USB stick was fabulous!
  • Sue – “We used the app quite a bit, it was really quite good.
  • Juedie & Sue – “For all these miles it was great – could never have done this with maps.”
  • Sue – “The USB was really nice.

From hearing Linda’s stories, and seeing photos from the Kiwis on Route 66 Tours Facebook Page, it seems like both the Route 66 Trip & Reunion, were successful!

If you haven’t had your own road trip adventure like the Kiwis, it just might be time to “Get your kicks on Route 66!”

Melissa Woodring 🙂

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