Fall is for the Fair

“The county fair is a hundred things
All to see and do . . .
A daring act, a flower show.
It’s cotton candy, too.” – Laurie Dawson

If you think a county fair is fun, just imagine how great a state fair can be!

It’s that time of year again…time for fall weather, time for pumpkin spice, and time for the State Fair of Texas! Back for its annual 24-day run, the State Fair of Texas offers “live entertainment, activities, and fun for the entire family.”

I got the chance to go to the fair this week and I have to say, it was a blast! Between the food, the rides, and the games, there were so many fun things to choose from! I even got to see Big Tex in his new “Texified” outfit! (see below)

Hanging out with Big Tex

Hanging out with Big Tex

Fair Festivities

One of the things that people look forward to the most about the State Fair, is the Fair Food!

Referred to as the “Fried Food Capital of Texas®,” this time of the year brings opportunity to get creative and competitive! Texans like to be inventive when it comes to food. so there are always a lot of new surprises!

“Each year, State Fair concessionaires fry up tasty and unique foods for a chance to become a finalist in the Big Tex Choice Awards. Everything from Fried Beer to Fried Peaches and Cream have made the cut to become a part of an exclusive club.”

Pictured below from 2014 Big Tex Choice Awards, see this year’s finalists.

Click here for the delicious descriptions!


Now, a lot of people choose to eat more traditional fair food, such as Fletcher’s Corny Dogs, and I certainly don’t blame them!

However, this year I personally chose to listen to my sweet tooth! So, I tried the Deep Fried Texas Bluebonnet (which is basically a deep fried blueberry muffin, with cream cheese and white chocolate on top), and let me tell you, it was AMAZING!

deep fried blueberry muffin with cream cheese and white choclate - yumm
After I finished devouring that delicious muffin, it was time to explore the fairgrounds a little bit more!

If you’re planning your trip ahead of time, keep in mind that you can check out the Daily Schedule as well as the Top Ten To-Do list, in order to help you find the activities that you would enjoy the most!

I didn’t do that ahead of time, but I still found a lot of activities that interested me! I saw live bands and pig races, got to do some shopping, and rode on a few carnival rides!

Also, I got the chance to stop by the Errol McKoy Greenhouse on the Midway, which was a great spot to relax, enjoy the views, and even get some air!

All in all, I definitely had a great time at the fair! There is something for everyone and it’s a great place to go with friends and family!

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Also, enter your State Fair of Texas pictures into our photo contest by adding “#ExploreAmerica” to your pictures!

Have fun at the fair! The fall season is the perfect time to go!

Melissa Woodring 🙂

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