2014 World Series

Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again. That’s the way life is, with a new game every day, and that’s the way baseball is.” – Bob Feller

The game of baseball is still often considered as America’s pasttime. The sport is well liked and for many reasons! Each game is different and each team has their own set of fans.

This year, the Kansas City Royals and the San Franciso Giants are facing off in the 2014 World Series, the annual championship games that are played by Major League Baseball teams.

Since it has been about 29 years since the Royals have made it to the World Series, and the Giants are often one of the teams rotating in and out of this championship, we’re going to focus a little bit on “new school” vs. “old school” and inform you on the cool things there are to do in these host cities! Keep up with the game schedule and learn a bit about the fun that can be had in both of these team’s towns!

2014 World Series Schedule

2014 World Series Schedule

Kansas City – “New School”

So, it’s not technically the 1st time that the Kansas City Royals have made it to the World Series, but it has been quite a while! Because of this, visiting fans might be a little unaware of how great this team’s city really is!

To start with, Kansas City has beautiful architecture (especially their fountains) and I’ve heard the BBQ is really good too!

According to the City of Fountains Foundation, the “flowing treasures” help define the city and also “honor and celebrate generations of Kansas Citians.”

There are a ton of outdoor sculptures that complement Kansas City and make for great tourist locations! Check out the video below for an overview of these treasures!

Now, on to the barbecue! According to the article, “Postcard from Kansas City: Blue, barbecue everywhere you turn,” the city is renowned for its barbecue! Apparently, the “most touristy place in town is Arthur Bryant’s.” However, “Bay Area foodies might want to check out Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ, acknowledged as the successor to the throne, according to the locals.”

Royals fans gathered in the Power & Light District in downtown Kansas City on Monday. (Photo: Al Saracevic/The Chronicle via SF Gate)

Royals fans gathered in the Power & Light District in downtown Kansas City on Monday. (Photo: Al Saracevic/The Chronicle via SF Gate)

Whether you’re a local, or a visiting fan, check out Things to Do – Kansas City for information on entertainment, shopping, arts and culture, attractions, and more!

San Francisco – “Old School”

The Giants have played in the World Series 20 times, and 6 of those times were actually in the city! So, the people of San Francisco are no strangers to this celebration! However, visiting fans can always use a little more knowledge about what to do and where to go!

First of all, there’s always an option to partipate in classic activities like riding in cable cars and visiting Fisherman’s Wharf (San Francisco’s Historic Waterfront District)!

A couple of things to keep in mind about these activities:

  • “A ride on San Francisco’s cable cars may be the most iconic and memorable of your entire trip to California.”
  • “Whether planning a visit or seeking information, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge on how a historic era still influences the present-day culture, events, sights, sounds, and food of San Francisco’s most famous waterfront community.”

Check out San Francisco Cable Cars – The Guide and Fisherman’s Wharf – Plan a Visit, to learn more!

Check out the video below, “90 Seconds In: San Francisco” to learn about other fun things you can do!

Also, if you’re a Giants fan, or you’re visting the city during this time of year, read the article “27 Things Only San Francisco Giants Fans Understand” in order to show a better sense of support and undestanding for this city and their baseball team!

Baseball Battle

Now that you know a little bit about both of the 2014 World Series host cities, vote for your favorite for the chance to win a prize!

As these MLB teams battle it out, you’ll have the chance to win a prize! Just click the picture below for more details.

Also, you can use download codes in your Hertz NeverLost device to route you to the games!

  • World Series games in Kansas City – KRBA
  • World Series games in San Francisco – SFGB

Additionally, you can download the free Hertz NeverLost Companion mobile app on iPhone and Android to check out must-see events, tours, attractions, trendy restaurants, and more that exist in these cities! Just use our “city guides” feature and you’ll be ready to explore!

Enjoy the games!

Melissa Woodring 🙂


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